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The third TRS album is out now!

This Old World by Thomas Reed Smith

Well, it must be time for a new TRS album because it’s been 10 years since the last one, right? It’s a little bit of a running joke, one which we hope won’t hold true any more. There’s a lot of music to make!

This album began as simple recordings of Tom playing his acoustic guitar and singing while visiting long-time collaborator Scott Martin. The intention was to come back and polish things up a little bit and track the songs with a limited approach to instrumentation. The rules were that we could only record something that we could play live with a four-piece group, and we were focusing on acoustic instruments.

And then a year went by and the pandemic started. With so much time at home, Scott Martin started thinking that these live recordings of Tom’s didn’t need polishing. They are real performances with real emotion behind them, and that doesn’t need to be hidden. So Cleveland musician Jeff Beam added some upright bass and Scott filled out the other instrumentation, still keeping things simple enough to play them live – once live music can come back in force.

With Tom’s performances at the core, the result is a mix of original songs and cover tunes lifted straight from Tom’s live performances. We hope you will take a listen and enjoy some thoughtful music during these unusual times.