Thomas Reed Smith


The third TRS album is out now!

This Old World by Thomas Reed Smith

Well, it must be time for a new TRS album because it’s been 10 years since the last one, right? It’s a little bit of a running joke, one which we hope won’t hold true any more. There’s a lot of music to make! This album began as simple recordings[…]

I Need A Change is online!

I Need A Change

We’ve finally reached the new millennium: you can now find both of Tom’s albums at Bandcamp. Listen to the songs, download individual tracks or whole albums, and name your price – even free. I Need A Change is the debut album from Thomas Reed Smith, recorded and released in 1999-2000. The[…]

The new album: Out On Your Own

The Thomas Reed Smith Band is excited to announce the release of a new 10 song album entitled: “Out On Your Own“. The album features performances recorded over the span of several years, and features the talents of Jim Evans (drums), Mike Adams (bass / vocals), Scott Martin (Guitar /[…]